Useful Stuff


Replacing strings? Easily calculate a set of strings for any kind of instrument, with any kind of string using my String Calculator.

Replacing frets? want to try some different temperaments? Try the Fret Calculator.

Lute design and construction

String spacings printout so you can check if my default string spacings are suitable for you (+ bridge styles). Also useful if you are making your own lute.

Speaking of making lutes, over the past few years I've made this web app that creates plans for all kinds of lutes: Lute Designer. You can also use it for figuring out the right size of lute for you e.g. how many frets on the neck for a given body shape and string length.

Tabulature paper

Print your own lute and guitar tab paper:

for 4c instruments

for 5c instruments

for 6c instruments


For a vast collection of free lute music, go to Sarge Gerbode's Lute Page. The 7000 lute pieces over there should get you started!

Stuff I've composed & arranged

Here I present some of my own intabulations of period and modern music.

Lute Suite 1 by myself. For baroque lute. Listen to this suite on Youtube. PDF downloads: Ouverture, Courante, Sarabande, Gigue

My versions of some baroque dances and ensemble pieces for solo and continuo D-minor baroque lute, mostly playable on an 11 course instrument. These have resulted from my activity in the band Muskotti. I have merely scanned my own hand-written tabs into a PDF file, but I would like to think they are quite legible. Contredances for baroque lute - Contains the following tunes: Geud Man of Ballangigh, Hunt the Squirrel, Le Menuet de Chevalier, Hole in the Wall, Epping Forest, Juice of Barley, Jack's Maggot, Jenny Pluck Pears, Le Pistolet, Mr. Lane's Minuet, Gathering Peascods and Mr. Beveridge's Maggot.

Trollhammaren, by Finntroll. This one is folk metal, arranged for renaissance lute or re-tuned guitar.

Nothing Else Matters, by Metallica: Page 1, Page 2 . Arranged for baroque lute. The parts are not written in the original order.