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Niskanen Lutes Oy Privacy Policy

Updated 2018-11-03

Niskanen Lutes Oy

Niskanen Lutes Oy (company ID: FI24685219) is the company of luthier Lauri Niskanen. The purpose of this company is the sale and repair of musical instruments, particularly lutes. The only person in this company handling customers' personal details is Lauri Niskanen, who can be reached at lauri -at- niskanenlutes -dot- com.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

Only information necessary for providing products or services to the customer is collected. Only information specifically entered by the customer is collected, whether by phone or email or on the Niskanen Lutes webpage or Online Store. This includes the customer's address, phone number and email address, company name and VAT id, and any information the customer has given during phone calls or in email messages. In the case of downloadable products in the Niskanen Lutes Online Store, only the customer's email address, company VAT id and country of residence is collected; The latter two only for the sole purpose of verifying the correct VAT rate to be applied to the purchase.

Customer information is furthermore used for internal research and development purposes, providing goods and services, any legal obligations (eg. prevention of fraud) and meeting internal audit requirements, optimizing shipping costs, and personalized instrument design.

Third Parties and Sharing of Personal Data

No data is collected from third parties nor made available to third parties, except:

  • The customer's bank may provide some user information to Niskanen Lutes Oy.
  • The payment gateway Paypal makes customer address, email, and phone number available to Niskanen Lutes Oy after a successful purchase.
  • Shipping companies receive full contact details for the purpose of delivering goods to the customer.

Legal Basis for Processing Personal Data

In general the customer's data is collected for the purpose of providing goods and services to the customer (Basis: Controller's legitimate interests). In the Niskanen Lutes Online Store, the customer's country of residence and company VAT id is required for the purpose of applying the correct VAT rate (Basis: public interest and authority).

Location of Stored Personal Data

All data is stored in Finland, on Louhi Net Oy's servers or Mr. Niskanen's personal computer and cellphone.

Protection of Personal Data

Information is stored on Mr. Niskanen's personal cellphone, web server, webmail and personal computer and in all cases is encrypted and only accessible with passwords only known to Mr. Niskanen.

Data Storage Period

Personal Data is stored for up to 7 years to meet the requirements of Finnish law on bookkeeping.

Your Rights to Your Data

The customer may access, correct, delete and restrict the usage of their own personal data. Furthermore they may lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Use of automated decision-making and profiling

No automated decision-making and profiling is performed at Niskanen Lutes Oy.

Contact details

You can contact me at lauri -at- niskanenlutes -dot- com.

Use of cookies

Google Analytics is used on the Niskanen Lutes website for tracking and analyzing website hits. The cart functionality of the Niskanen Lutes Online Store is implemented using cookies, and is used for the sole purpose of delivering goods and services to the customer.