Recent Work

Niskanen 109%

Now with 9% more theorbo! This is my own design, but scaled up from my original proposition. This is a slightly smaller theorbo than the Buchenberg and Schelle, and other serious historical theorbos, to allow for either a more frets on the neck (as shown), or shorter string length. As shown, can be strung 7+7, 7+8 or 6x2+8. 31 ribs. Total folded length 135 cm.

Pitch: G or A, String length: as shown, 10 frets at 89 cm & 174 cm. 9 frets at 84 cm, 8 frets at 80 cm

Baroque Mandora in e', 9c

Based on the Jauck 1746 mandora in Brussels, shown here with 10 courses and built on the Hoffmann body, which is almost the same size as the original. A loud continuo instrument with very few musical sources, tuned like a modern guitar. Also called colascione or gallichon.

Pitch: e', String length: 70 & 85 cm

Vihuela in g'

Based on the Chambure vihuela, but scaled down to make a vihuela tuned in g', and with a flat back. Original size and fluted back also available.

Pitch: g', String length: 59 cm

Georg Gerle 6c

Georg Gerle (1520-1591) renaissance lute with 6 courses and 11 ribs. The original is made of ivory, the instrument below is made of padauk.

Pitch: g' (a=415Hz), String length: 60 cm

Buchenberg Foldable Theorbo

19 ribs of ipe with maple filets. Neck and extension veneered in ebony with maple edging. 14 single strings, 16 pegs.

Pitch: A, String length: 86 & 174 cm