Baroque Lutes

11c lute in f', Hans Frei

A small 11 course baroque lute. The original Hans Frei lute probably started life as a 6c renaissance lute, but in its current condition it is a conversion to 11 courses, as below

Pitch: f, String length: 65 cm

11c lute in f', Laux Mahler

Medium-sized baroque lute, can also be built as a 10 course renaissance lute

Pitch: f, String length: 65-70 cm

11c or 13c lute in e'-f', Hoffmann

A deep-bodied baroque lute that can be built with 11 courses, or with 13 courses with a short extension (bass-rider), or with 13 courses with long extension (swan neck).

Pitch: e' or f', String length: 70 cm


Hear the 11c Hoffmann, played by Arto Wikla:

Baroque Mandora in e', 9c

Based on the Jauck 1746 mandora in Brussels, shown here with 10 courses and built on the Hoffmann body, which is almost the same size as the original. A loud continuo instrument with very few musical sources, tuned like a modern guitar. Also called gallichon.

Pitch: e', String length: 70 & 85 cm

Leopold Widhalm, Nürnberg 1755

Germanisches Nationalmuseum MIR903. German swan neck type, 72-74cm & 99cm with 13 courses, tuning in a=415Hz. Elegent inlays on fingerboard and pierced design on the pegboxes. Due to its long string length, this lute is probably meant to be strung in D-minor tuning without the top f-string, as what is called a German theorbo.