Period Guitars

Vihuela in g'

Based on the Chambure vihuela, but scaled down to make a vihuela tuned in g', and with a flat back. Original size and fluted back also available.

Pitch: g', String length: 59 cm

Baroque guitar, Alexandre Voboam

Flat back. A comfortable model to play, with a rich sound.

Pitch: e, String length: 66 cm


Baroque guitar, Giorgio Sellas

Vaulted multirib back of 25 individually scalloped ribs. The original has a floral design instead of the geometrical inlay as shown. The tone is pleasantly mellow, yet the rounded back effectively directs the sound towards the audience.

Pitch: e or d#, String length: 70-72 cm

Chitarra battente

Own design based on the Giorgio Sellas body shape. Metal strings and metal frets. I recommend Pegheds mechanical tuners (as pictured) to make tuning easier.

Pitch: e, String length: 62 cm

Renaissance guitar, Belchior Dias 1581

Based on the body shape of Belchior Dias from 1581. Can be made with four or five courses, tuned in a' with a string length of 52-54cm. Also available with curved and deeply fluted ribs as the original, or with a curved back.

Pitch: a, String length: 54 cm